About Bre

Hi Darlings,

My name is Bre, a woman in her twenties from a beautiful corner of the world called New Zealand.

When I was younger, people would ask me what I wanted to do with my life, you know, when I was older. I never really knew how to answer that question.

My gut and instinct and heart urged me to answer something along the lines of this…

“I have absolutely no clue what the universe holds in store for me. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in ten years, five years, or even six months time. How am I to know? Things change, people change, and so do my dreams. What I do know…

I want to travel. I want to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of the globe. I want to make connections, however fleeting, with people from other cities and towns and cultures. I want to blow the lid off my comfort zone. I want to open my mind to new methods of living. To concepts of philosophy my current perspective cannot allow for me. I want to travel. That is what I want.”

However, this was never my answer.

And for that reason, I created Fly, my darling. A travel blog with the desire to encourage young woman with similar dreams of travelling the globe to follow their hearts, to share their dreams, to have the self-awareness to acknowledge what they want from their lives, and the deep knowing that what they want is important.

So please read on to find thoughts, advice, tips, and stories from my own travel journeys.

From your darling,


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